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Vaangae Anna is an inclusive open and growing community,comprising of our migrant brothers and Singaporeans. 





If you are keen to be part of the Vaangae Anna community or have cool ideas on how we can work together, we would love to hear from you!  

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Vaangae Anna is a community initiative started with the vision of creating an inclusive Singapore. A Singapore where our migrant brothers are a part of the Singaporean society and are seen as people first. 
In Singapore, many of us rarely know the men who have built and continue to build our nation everyday. The stories we hear and read on the news are as close as we get to knowing their stories. 
With the Vaangae Anna community, we aim to hold monthly meetups with a constantly growing group of migrant workers and Singaporeans alike. These meetups will focus on creating a safe space where everyone in the community can come together to share their skills, stories and enjoy the company of one another. It's a community for anyone who is keen to learn more about our brothers, extend your friendship and become a part of their journey abroad. 
We envision a day where all our brothers will truly feel like they have a family in the tiny island where they have come to work in. 
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